Thursday, November 22, 2012

Temple-super cool experience

Mom! Hi... :)

So I definitely had no idea that I got a Thanksgiving thing from Chenney's, but we're going out right after this, so I'll have to stop by and check! Thanks! When Sarah and you told me you were going to Utah for Thanksgiving this week it definitely made me a little homesick, but not too bad! I just liked going to Grandma's house and hanging with everyone. You need to get Steven to email me!

I heard that there's been been no school for the past couple days and I wish that was the same case here ;) We got to do something super cool this past Monday and so you'll get to read all about it when you get my letter from Chenney's!! And sorry I haven't been sending you more pictures. It's a real pain to do the whole process, but I'll definitely be sending more once I get out into the field because I'll be able to email them, so no worries!!

Today was the last time I'd be able to go to the temple for the next 22 months. It was a super cool experience. I spent a good 15 minutes praying in the celestial room about lots of stuff. It brought back memories of the first time we went to the temple together. It was definitely a good morning!

So I put this in my letter, but I really want you to watch a video with everyone when you get up to Utah. It's called "Cabo Verde. Land of Light". They speak portuguese in the video and I was able to understand most of it which was super awesome! I felt I could really relate to that video because that's almost EXACTLY how we talk here in Brasil. I feel Teresina will look pretty close to Cabo Verde (which makes the video even better). I think I've seen that video about 8ish times now. It gives me chills every time. Yeah, it's really hard to explain, but just watch it with everyone :)

Tell everyone I said I love them!! I miss you a ton Mom!
Love Elder Steed