Monday, December 10, 2012

Elder Stee-jee

Ola :)
I first wanted to start of with that I don't think we should use Mission Ties any more. I only get mail once a month so I think it would be useless for you to send me mail through Mission Ties every week and I get it all on one day. So I think the best thing to do is to just stick to emailing. And another thing... I hardly have any time to write ;( So emailing would be better!!

I'm so sorry, but I still haven't been able to send that first letter off with all the details on it because I've been soo busy. I'm planning on doing that today or in the next couple days.

I think today I'll just write a bunch of random things that has happened, but next week I'll start doing a day by day thing using my journal so I don't miss anything.

I still haven't gotten the Ensign grandma sent. They probably had it at the mission home, but they didn't give it to me because they were worried about getting me the package you sent. I'm going to Teresina next week for a conference, so I hope I get it then.

People pronounce my name so funny here. I think for the next two years I'll be known as Elder Stee-jee (or Ste-jee). Kinda funny.

Fun fact. I've already had a shoe thrown at me. It came nowhere close, but some group of kids were hanging out (and I actually think they were drinking), but as we were walking by, they tried to throw a shoe at us! I actually thought it was really funny. After it was thrown, we just kept walking as if nothing happened hahaha.

The tree is up!! After about a solid 30 minutes, Elder O and I finally figured the tree out hahaha. I've got it taped up right now and it looks awesome! Thank you soo much! I also noticed there's an ornament for each day, so I've been puttig one up each day. Once Christmas rolls around and we've got all the gifts and ornaments up, I'll send you a picture!

A super hard thing for me right now is the water. I've been told that the water in Sobral is pretty good, but I don't know if it would be good to me, being an American. So I've been having to buy all of my drinking water. It kinda sucks, but I'll have to get used to it. I've tried boiling the water, but for some reason it tastes so nasty and bleaching tastes worse haha.

I love you sooo much!!!!!
Elder Steed