Monday, December 3, 2012

Holy moly Teresina is hot!!

President & Sister Alvacir L. Siedschlag

Welcome to the Brasil Teresina Mission

Elder Steed's trainer Elder O

Comforting Elder W
I'm alive!!! :) :) :)

Holy moly Teresina is hot!! So I get an hour every Monday (my p-day) to email, but I still need to kindof make it quick! So I'm serving in the city of Sobral. It's actually SUPER amazing here! They've definitely got some of the saddest housing I've ever seen, but then they've also got some really awesome parts! I'm not going to bother sending you any pictures because it'll take to long, but I hope you look it up and possibly google map it.

My trainer is super amazing! The only bummer is that he knows very little english... hardly any. So it's been EXTREMELY difficult to communicate with him, but I think I know enough to get my point across :) His name is Elder O. I'm currently living with two other elders. They're both super awesome and they both know a lot of english which has helped me out a TON. Elder B and Elder... shoot, forgot his name haha.

Literally every day I come home feeling sticky and nasty haha. I guess this is a better area because there's more wind here.

I'm going to end this email and try to send you some pictures. If I have more to say, I'll come back and keep writing. I'm also doing a missionties letter that will be in more detail.

Elder Steed