Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carnaval, Wedding & Baptisms

We didn't get our traditional email from Connor this past Monday because it was Carnaval and all the internet houses they go to were closed. During Carnaval things get pretty crazy and so the missionaries have to be in their houses by 6 pm each night. Carnaval ran from Friday to Tuesday. He and his companion  hardly got any teaching done this past week because of the festivities.
They still had a super amazing wedding and baptism combo this past weekend of the 9th. Elder O and Connor had been working with the couple from the first week he got in Sobral, but Elder M and Elder A (the elders he's living with) got to baptize them because they taught them for the last half of the discussions. It was super amazing for Connor to see them get married and baptized one day after the other.

This coming week... Connor will have his first baptism! Her name is C and she's about 40 years old. Connor says that she is super super amazing and is definitely going to be a leader in the church. Connor wrote, "She's literally the most perfect investigator and future member and she'll be my first baptism. I'm super stoked!! I've been practicing the "wording" for the baptism like crazy this past week because I really don't want to mess up my first baptism hahaha."

D & C's wedding day. Hahaha this was seriously the weirdest picture ever
.... but they wanted to do it and it was their wedding haha. We got some looks from people ;)
D & C's baptism!