Monday, February 18, 2013

Elder Steed is staying in Sobral

This week was a short email because of having just writen on Wednesday.   
So it looks like Connor gets to stay with his companion until his companion finishes his mission. His entire apartment is staying together which Connor is very excited for. They've all gotten very close and as Connor put it "have seriously had some of the funniest times together!" He was super super nervous for this transfer because he thought for sure he would get transferred and start training another missionary. He is very glad to stay because he knows the area, he knows his companion, he knows the members, and so now he can focus on really working (as he put it).

The greatest news was the baptism of C--- this past Saturday. He said it was amazing! He wrote, "It was seriously the most surreal feeling I can't describe. I said the ordinance perfectly and I only had to do it once. It was a super great experience for me!" This was the first time Connor has ever baptized anyone so it was an experience he will never forget. He tried to upload a photo, but was having problems - so maybe he will send it next week.