Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halfway Point

I hit my halfway point in the CTM this past week. I do not know if dad ever did this, but when missionaries here hit their halfway point, they tie their ties half-as-short. So you'll see a bunch of elders walking around with extremely short ties and so you will know they are halfway through. About a couple of weeks ago, the mission president said to "do away with traditions" so now we cannot do the half tie thing anymore. I was actually really excited to do it, but now we cannot. Oh well!

So in the last letter I told you I got another companion. His name is Elder H. He is from Oregon and he came from the MTC in Provo. So now it is Elder A, Elder H and I in a trio. He is a super great guy so far. He knows a lot of the language already and has helped me out a lot.

With getting Elder H, Elder A and I had to switch rooms. We were really bummed because we had a perfect room right by everyone in our district and all the friends I made. They moved us to the other end of the hall. I had been praying a lot for help with the language lately. I was becoming really discouraged because I felt I have not been progressing at all. We ended up moving into a room with a Brasilian trio. They turned out to be way awesome and super helpful with the language. After being really hard on myself with this whole new companion and switching rooms situation, I slowly began to realize that it was a blessing to be getting Brasilian roommates. My prayers were being answered even if I did not like the way it came :). The only bad thing about my Brasilian roommates is that they do not like the fan on at night because it is too loud. So we have gone the past four nights without a fan. It is slowly starting to get hotter, so I think the fan situation is definitely going to change real soon.

I FINALLY was able to find and buy those colored sticky note tabs to mark my scriptures. I have been looking for the past two weeks for those tabs. It is super popular to do that here. So almost all of the stores are sold out. When we found them, we literally raided the store and bought every single one we could find . . . even though there were only about 7 packets left. Hahaha. I will take some pictures and send them in so you can see how pimp my scriptures look!

About two weeks ago I ordered this scripture case for my Portuguese triple (3 books that are together - Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price). There is a local guy who hand makes these scripture cases just outside the CTM. It is a leather case and I think he uses a wood burner and burns images into the leather. I am getting the picture of John the Baptist baptizing Christ on the back and "Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price" on the front. I am also getting my mission and name on there too. I was not supposed to get it until November 7th, but some elders who had their P-day today told me they saw mine and it was ready. So I am going to pick it up tomorrow. I am super excited because I have seen a bunch of others and they have turned out really well. It was about $50 which is about $25 in the states. I wanted to get a bigger one to fit my Bible too, but the Bible is smaller than my triple, so I am going to try to make a ghetto cereal box one for the Portuguese Bible and my English quad.

I want to try to do a thing every week where I send you something really great that I have learned in my studying. It might be a story I find in preach my Gospel or even one scripture, but I think It would be cool if you would share it for Family Home Evening. A story I have for this week is from preach My Gospel on page 199 and it is the last paragraph that starts with "Brigham Young". The idea behind this is how bearing a testimony can be an amazing tool to conversion.

A sister missionary approached me yesterday and asked if I knew a Michelle Steed. I guess her mom and Aunt Michelle are really good friends and they told this sister missionary to look for me. She said she had the hardest time trying to find me because she was looking through all the blue dots (you get a blue sticker for the first week here to show that you are new). I then began to tell her that I had already been here five weeks. She kinda got embarrassed because she had been asking all the new elders that came in if they knew an Elder Steed. I thought it was pretty funny. Hahaha.

To answer your question about when I get mail . . . I can get mail all throughout the week except on Saturdays and Sundays. Mondays are usually a bigger mail day because of all the mail that stacks up from the weekend.

Last P-day I bought a super popular picture book. I guess investigators love seeing pictures about the church and it has almost every church picture imaginable. The word on the street is that this book is the bee's knees. It was really che. . . (there is a big scribble on the page here) WOW! the punk in front of me on the bus just reclined INTO MY LAP!!! Hahahaha. Oh my gosh . . . I cannot believe that just happened. Hahaha. I was doing so good with writing while on the bus and then BAM! He is leaning back into my lap as if he wants a head massage from me. Hahaha. We take charter buses to the temple each week, so we have got those nice seats that can recline back. Ahh . . . some people! Hahaha. To finish my sentence earlier . . . It was really cheap.

Gotta Go! Love you!
Elder Steed