Monday, January 21, 2013

1st Baptisms

Ola! Connor got his first 2 baptisms this past Saturday (1-19-13). One was an 8 year old boy and the other was a 16 year old girl. He was so happy for them and the opportunity to teach them the Gospel.
Connor encourgaed everyone to watch "The Atonement: How It Applies To Missionary Work". Here is the link:

 I can't paraphrase this part and so I am posting Connor's own words:
In the poorer part of my area, I get little kids that come up to me and say "fala ingles!" ("speak english!"). And trying to be funny with them if we're in a rush, all I'll say to them is "ingles!" They all pause for a second, and then realize it was a joke and they all start cracking up. I've also had kids come up to me and ask what their name is in english. And just messing with them, I'll say something like "saggy bum". They get the biggest smile and then they turn to their friends and keep saying "saggy bum! saggy bum!" It's seriously the funnist thing in the world :)

The language is coming along, but the investigators are still struggeling to understand him.
He'll say everything correctly, but because of the tone and maybe not speaking loud enough, people have a harder time understanding him. So there have been multiple times where he's said something, the person won't understand, and then his companion will say the EXACT same thing and they'll understand. Kind of frustrating for him, but he kind of thinks it's funny too.

 He said to tell everyone that he loves them!
Notice the fly on his forehead. It had just rained and so the flies were everywhere :).