Monday, January 14, 2013

Each week I have been posting pictures and emails from my son who is serving his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Brasil Teresina Mission. I just received word from a missionary moms email group that I belong to that each email we receive from our missionary is copyrighted and cannot be posted on a blog or on facebook. So the only posts that will be forthcoming will be brief comments about his letter (in my own words), where he is serving and some pictures that he sends. I was really bummed to hear this news, but it obviously is to protect the missionaries, the people they are serving and the church.

Connor's letter this week was super short and so here are the highlights:
  • The missionaries in their apartment leave their window open at night to help combat the heat, but when they wake up there are mosquitos splattered on their wall. Apparently the fans blowing on them not only help to keep them cool at night but it also blows the mosquitos away.
Dead mosquitos on wall (picture doesn't do it justice)
  • Two weeks ago it rained so hard that it created small rivers in the streets and churned up all of the junk at the bottom of the river. Because of that it turned their drinking water yellow. Connor braved it and cooked spagetti in the yellow water killing the bacteria as it boiled. The food tasted fine-just looked weird cooking in yellow water.
  • The damage from the yellow water were 3 of his white dress shirts got stained :(.
  • One of his roommates, Elder B was transferred, but they got Elder M who is apparently awesome.
Me, Elder M, Elder A, Elder O