Monday, January 28, 2013

4 Month Mark

Connor hit his 4 month mark! He wrote "only 20 more to go". Hahaha

This past week he and O went to Camocim which is right on the end of the ocean. It was super pretty there! They went there to help out a companionship in their district. They set up a table in the middle of a park and just did contacts for about four hours. He said it was actually really fun, but kind of tricky at the same time.

Connor wrote:

"So about the food. I haven't really eaten anything too weird. It's literally beans, rice, and spaghetti noodles every meal and you mix it together. There will usually be chicken or beef with it as well. I think we've had lasagna about three times and that's probably the only "different" thing we've eaten haha. Nothing too crazy! I've seen some weird stuff on the streets though. You'll be walking and see a HUGE heart from some animal with flies all over it and a puddle of blood underneath it hahaha. Kinda weird ;)"

He is happy, healthy and having an amazing experience sharing the gospel to the wonderful people of Brasil.
Teaching in Camocim

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